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"We have been clients of Dr Lowe for many years and trust him completely"

- John G.
"We have always had excellent service going to Dr. Lowe. He and his staff make us and our pets feel well taken care of and in good caring hands. I have taken both of my dogs there for very different issues and they are gentle and loving with them and make sure to explain thoroughly what is going on and are willing to work with you!"

- Mike M.
"Dr. Lowe at Borchard Veterinary Clinic in a wonderful vet that cares about our pets! Dr. Lowe was highly recommended to me by 4 of my friends who had all tried other vets in the Thousand Oaks area. I love the fact that he gives me options with my pets and does not immediately suggest unnecessary treatments like my previous vet did. Because I trust Dr. Lowe, I bring my dogs to see him without questions when my dogs have something that concerns me. With my previous vet, I would wait to see if my pets would heal on their own first, because I did not trust all the extravagant treatments that my former vet would recommend. The best part is that my dogs LOVE Doctor Lowe and never growl or bark when they see him!"

- Kelly P.
"I've been taking my cats and dogs to Dr. Lowe for at least 15 years. Dr. Lowe and his staff are very kind. Dr. Lowe is straight forward, no nonsense veterinarian and I appreciate all he has done for our family."

- Julie S.
"I had to take one of our German Shepherd's in to see Dr. Lowe. He had been limping for a few days. Last year he got his paw stuck in some rosemary on the hill, scratched his leg and it got infected. An antibiotic fixed him up.

This time however he has pulled a muscle. Who knew that Dogs could get sports injuries. He is on Rimadyl for a few weeks as we watch his leg to see if it will heal on its own. He does have the exuberance of youth going for him.

We have been going to Dr. Lowe for many years. I like the attention that he gives our animals. He is an old school Vet, and I like him that way! The service is good, and the prices are competitive. We will be returning in a few weeks to have our Shepherd checked out."

- Norman M.